SpearTip | December 16th, 2022

The ransomware threat landscape continues to demonstrate the need for a robust cybersecurity posture for entities of all industries.

Australian telecommunications provider, Telstra, exposed information of 132,000 customers due to a misconfiguration error within its networks. Accidental breaches like this occur too frequently, demonstrating the need for meaningful safeguards.

Schools in Morgan County, Colorado were closed following a ransomware attack against the district; the investigation into the nature, extent, and cause of the breach is ongoing.

The Belgium city of Antwerp had its IT systems disrupted following an attack by Play Ransomware, which claims to have exfiltrated 557 gigabytes of sensitive data.

Files containing 76 gigabytes of data, including confidential information and court proceeding details, were stolen from the California Department of Finance by the LockBit ransomware group.

An FBI run program, InfraGard, which is designed to protect critical infrastructure from cybercrime, found information regarding 80,000 of its members for sale online.

Viewers watching the semifinal World Cup match between Morocco and France on FuboTV experienced an outage due to a cyberattack: services were restored later that day.

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