SpearTip | November 18th, 2022

Threat actors continue to actively disrupt as many industries as possible, including critical infrastructure and social institutions. This trend should be expected to intensify as we enter the holiday season, which typically sees increased cyberattacks.

Whoosh, a Russia-based electric scooter rental service, had records of 7.2 million users stolen and sold online following a ransomware attack.

Miller County, Arkansas had its central network hit by a ransomware attack that affected some 55 neighboring counties. Individuals involved in the response indicate the disruptions could last for several weeks.

Several public schools in Michigan’s Jackson and Hillsdale counties were closed for several days due to the fallout from separate incidents. These attacks continue the trend of threat actors targeting the education sector.

The Dallas Central Appraisal District (DCAD), a government entity responsible for assessing local properties for tax purposes, had its systems taken offline by threat actors.

Several hospitals and healthcare providers are working to contain the fallout from recent ransomware attacks. New York Presbyterian Hospital, Lake Charles Memorial Health System (LA), Salud Family Health (CO), and the Arkansas Department of Human Services all experienced separate breaches of sensitive patient data.

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