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Digital Forensics: Employee Misconduct

digital forensics white papers
Employee misconduct is a real danger faced by companies, both while the employee works at the company, as well as during the period of time just prior to the employee’s departure. A recent study found that 59% of employees leaving former employers are taking sensitive intellectual property.

Investment Fraud: The Growing Threat to Your Financial Security

As legal standards and regulations evolve, institutions must continue to be proactive as it relates to data security. Both internal and external threats pose a significant risk to an organization’s high value data. Financial firms must be proactive and vigilant for attacks focused on their customer’s data and financial interests. Attacks on financial institutions have evolved and attackers interested in compromising financial accounts are targeting individual investor accounts as a way to gain access to the client’s account information.

Observational Malware Analysis (OMA): A Better Understanding

malware analysis white papers
Observational Malware Analysis (OMA) provides a better understanding of malware capabilities, the mission of the attacker, and the effects on the company being targeted. An analyst armed with this methodology and skillset is a valuable resource to defend against today’s most advanced threats. This paper serves as a high-level summary of a fully integrated forensic approach to identifying today’s advanced malware threats with higher confidence, better understanding, and in a more time efficient manner.

Point-of-Sale (POS) Malware: The Escalating Threat

point of sale malware analysis white papers
While many large organizations struggle with responding to Point of Sale (POS) breaches, smaller companies are increasingly becoming the target of these malware attacks. The retail industry in general continues to be targeted using these methods and attackers continue to increase the sophistication of these attacks in order to circumvent traditional security measures. As a result, the technical expertise required to detect, identify and mitigate these attacks also increases.

Poweliks: Active Memory Analysis

active memory analysis white papers
Malware authors are increasingly becoming motivated by financial gain. As such, new generations of malware are being created to remain undetected and carry out missions designed to result in financial gain for the attacking parties. These missions may include the compromise of user banking credentials, the theft of credit card numbers, or the use of a compromised system for online fraud. The following is an analysis of active memory of a system infected with file-less malware called Poweliks.

Malware: Open Warfare in Cyberspace and the Increasing Malware Threat

cyberspace malware threat white papers
Over the years, the word “virus” has become quite broad and tends to introduce confusion into the marketplace when discussing what can commonly be referred to as “malware”. Malware typically includes adware, spyware, keyloggers, or even fake antivirus software. While malware has existed in one form or another since the 1970s, it has evolved over the decades to become what is essentially the malicious boots on the ground in a 21st Century cyberwar between Cybersoldiers. Malware is the new malevolent Cybersoldier.

WordPress Brute Force Attacks: Protecting Your Web Presence

WordPress has the distinction of being one of the most popular blogging systems on the Internet and is used in an estimated 70 million websites worldwide. WordPress features a system of plugins and templates to assist users with website design and maintenance. Unfortunately, vulnerabilities in plugins and themes are often targeted by attackers to gain access to WordPress developed websites.