Chris Swagler | October 3rd, 2022


The most important success factor for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) is customer trust. Nonetheless, it’s only possible with the right company partnerships. MSPs need to select cybersecurity companies with tailored and strategic service and toolset offerings that can meet each customer’s evolving needs. As a result, MSPs require cybersecurity companies that both understand and deliver the approach to provide the best possible value. MSPs need to look for the following seven features when researching cybersecurity companies:

Products That Utilize a Zero-Trust Solution

All cybersecurity tools and functionalities should be based on zero trust that systematically classifies each binary before it’s executed on clients’ systems. Additionally, 59% of companies said that this model serves as a motivator for digital transformation.

Comprehensive Service Supporting MSPs

Check to see if the cybersecurity companies being vetted provide services that will help companies succeed. Top services that cybersecurity companies provide—all of which are components of a partnership with SpearTip—should include a channel partner program, end-user and executive training exercises, 24-hour technical support, and access to marketing and sales support materials.

Cloud and Automation Capabilities

Products need to be highly automated to maximize the efficiency of time and resource savings for clients’ IT and cybersecurity staff along with reducing alert fatigue. Furthermore, all products need to be available in the Cloud for remote access and control.

Cybersecurity Platforms

Examine whether cybersecurity companies’ products can be easily integrated so that MSPs’ teams need to only work with one platform. Working with a single platform saves time and money because it’s more efficient with daily operations and staff training. SpearTip’s ShadowSpear Platform is an integral cybersecurity solution powered by our 24/7/365 SOC making it the ideal platform for MSPs.

Align with Compliance Mandates

When it comes to cybersecurity, MSPs’ reputation is everything, so they need to ensure that the cybersecurity companies they partner with are aligned with all security regulations. Verify that their products adhere to security frameworks, including NIST, ISO, and MITRE ATT&CK.

Transparency in Security Breaches

A security breach is no longer a question of if, but of when it occurs. Examine how cybersecurity companies have handled previous breaches. It’s preferable to work with companies who have been transparent and straightforward about the breaches and responding to them. SpearTip has over 16 years of experience responding to security breaches and assisting businesses in the full recovery of assets.

Forward Thinking Strategic Improvements

Are cybersecurity companies developing new products or making business acquisitions to help MSPs with future cybersecurity issues? Check the most recent news on cybersecurity companies’ websites to see what, if any, advances have been made.

MSPs can be more confident that they will have the most appropriate cybersecurity offering for their clients if they find the 7 key features of cybersecurity companies mentioned above. The combination will provide numerous options and will help build trust and a profitable relationship, allowing MSPs and clients to grow together. At SpearTip, our pre-breach risk services allow MSPs to upsell their security offerings into their current catalog. Our extensive experience responding to thousands of security incidents helps improve MSPs’ clients’ operational, procedural, and technical control gaps based on security standards.

Partnering with SpearTip helps MSPs gain our expertise in conducting comprehensive security assessments that go beyond simple compliance checks. SpearTip offers an integrable cybersecurity solution that allows MSPs to focus on their clients’ core IT objectives while providing industry-leading protection against malicious cyber threats.

If your company is experiencing a breach, call our Security Operations Centers at 833.997.7327 to speak directly with an engineer.


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