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Cyber Risk Management

Your organization has cybersecurity weaknesses and vulnerabilities you don’t yet even know about. They need to be found. And found immediately. Because chances are, right now, there’s a foreign nation or a group of criminals targeting your organization and its valuable information.

By leveraging SpearTip’s Advisory Services offerings you will learn how to better protect your organization and defend against even the most sophisticated cyber threats. From ransomware, wire fraud, business email compromises, insider threats and APT, it seems that the threats and attack vectors are exponentially increasing. SpearTip’s Advisory Services are focused on real and imminent threats. Not only do we identify the vulnerabilities, but we also offer pragmatic remediation steps that immediately improve your security posture.

Identify the Risks That Matter

SpearTip performs advisory services that quickly identify the risks that matter in real-world attacks. Our extensive experience in incident response and forensic analysis provides us with first-hand knowledge and expertise in the vulnerabilities being actively leveraged by threat groups to exploit environments.

Roadmap to Cyber Maturity

Instead of just focusing on patch levels, we examine your entire security posture from the top down during our cybersecurity risk assessment process. Our experienced team will put your policies, procedures, systems, networks, defenses, and staff to the test to find all vulnerabilities and weaknesses. With a cyber maturity-based approach we assess the gap between your current cyber state and where you should be to protect your organization. This is done from several different perspectives depending on the engagement and is customized to meet the needs of your risk management program.

It won’t always be easy, but when we’re done, you’ll know your weaknesses and how to fix them. SpearTip offers several types of risk assessment solutions and many times these engagements are combined to produce a comprehensive evaluation of your cyber maturity.

Advisory Services pre-breach assessment

Pre-Breach Assessment

Preparation is the largest factor within your control before a cyber incident happens. SpearTip aims to provide a higher level of security through our in-depth evaluation of your cybersecurity processes and policies.
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Advisory Services cyber threat hunting

Cyber Threat Hunting

Stop potential cyberattacks before they disrupt business operations. A professional cyber threat hunting team uses stealthy techniques to outmaneuver polymorphic malware and decrease dwell time.
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Advisory Services red team exercise

Red Team Exercise

There are many misconceptions about what effective red team exercises entail. Overall, a Red Team Exercise should involve live testing of an environment to identify potential gaps in security controls.
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Advisory Services penetration testing

Penetration Testing

The only real way to test your readiness for a cyberattack is to let our cyber warriors wage war on your networks during a Penetration Test. We’ll compromise your defenses quickly and quietly—just like the threats you want to stop.
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Advisory Services network vulnerability assessment st. louis mo

Network Vulnerability Assessment

These network vulnerability assessments are an important part of the risk management process and should be conducted regularly to assure devices on your network are not open to known vulnerabilities.
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Advisory Services tabletop exercise

Tabletop Exercises

SpearTip’s tabletop exercises provide your organization with a mechanism to obtain sensitive “lessons learned” from SpearTip’s previous casework in a scenario-driven environment. Our real-world cyber investigations address the most advanced threats organizations face on a daily basis.
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Advisory Services ransomware threat assessment

Threat Assessment

We can stop them. Our first step is to complete a full ransomware threat assessment, so we can discover what problems exist and fix them for you. Without knowing all of the possible risks, we won’t be able to properly protect your organization from dangerous threats.

Redefining How Businesses Prepare For & Prevent Data Breaches

It only makes sense that as cybercrime becomes more daring, so too, should cybersecurity risk assessment. At SpearTip, we assess risk from a different perspective. Our team examines risk from every angle, every thought process, and every background our team members have to offer. Our cybersecurity services stem from cyber counterintelligence investigative strategies that are proven to protect mature your cyber security posture at every level.

Advisory Services prevent data breaches

This multilateral methodology allows us to uncover real-world risks, and provide better ways to combat those risks, on a level that other providers simply cannot match.

A proper cybersecurity risk assessment can unearth a lot of dormant issues that could become active problems, but the assessment can also lead to solutions for those problems that will offer many more benefits in return:

  • Reduce, or even eliminate, the long-term costs of a security breach
  • Establish an assessment for your organization’s security to be referenced in the future and show progress in your cyber maturity
  • Enhance greater self-awareness of your organization’s weaknesses and areas to grow
  • Provide practical remediation advice that is immediately applicable.
  • Focus on real-world threats and vulnerabilities that matter.
  • Expose blind spots that most audits simply overlook

Advisory Certifications

See how SpearTip stays up to date with industry security standards. All of the certifications below are held by members of our team.

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