With industry-standard response times, you can trust SpearTip’s Incident Response and their ability to respond to cyberattacks, reclaim your network, and restore operations so that your business can run as it should.

Rapid Response from speartip

SpearTip® is the trusted provider of breach coaches and carriers. SpearTip specializes in incident response capabilities and handling breaches with industry standard response times. Our onsite Security Operations Center is staffed 24 hours a day, working in a continuous investigative cycle, ready to respond to events at a moment’s notice. Within minutes of engagement, SpearTip is able to respond to the breach and, in a matter of hours, reclaim the network. Then, we deliver a comprehensive report and remediate the incident in 30 days, on average, so you can close your claims on time and on budget.

Rapid Response - data breach investigation

Data Breach Investigation

During an investigation, we analyze data and provide guidance on what to do next. We find retrievable data, exhaust available response methods, and communicate with threat actors if requested to get your organization back up and running. Our onsite Security Operations Center is staffed 24 hours a day, working in a continuous investigative cycle, ready to respond to events at a moment’s notice. Knowing exactly what happened in your environment is paramount when it comes to your data. We’ll conduct a thorough data analysis and provide guidance on the next steps.

SpearTip engineers take the time to investigate data after incidents occur. We focus on making sure any malware or malicious activity is contained and neutralized. We answer your questions through our research and experience: Who targeted your organization? When did they enter your network? What do you need to do to recover? As threat actors become better equipped for ransomware attack fallout, encryption often occurs. Our certified team members utilize digital forensic analysis to see if your data is encrypted and determine next steps for decryption.

Decryption Assistance

SpearTip has the capacity to handle threat actor negotiations so your team can focus on recovering your business. This allows our team to securely communicate with the threat actor and get your data decrypted as soon as possible. Conversing with a threat actor is not always easy, so we use our experience to negotiate and ensure the currency exchanged is not used maliciously. SpearTip handles threat actor negotiations to get your data decrypted while your business focuses on recovery.  We communicate with threat actors, negotiate payments, and ensure they transfer. We obtain the decryption key and confirm it works for your data before making a ransom payment.

Rapid Response - decryption service

I refer clients to SpearTip because of their SOC with 24/7 monitoring capability, the incident response service, and the ShadowSpear tool - having all those capabilities makes them stand out.

Breach Response Services Manager, Specialist Insurer

Our insured, that we’re servicing - they’re having a really bad day because they’re in the middle of a cyber security incident. Their whole business and livelihood could be on the line. So, the soft skills needed to empathize with an organization is just as important as their expertise. SpearTip does a good job with that.

Breach Response Services Manager, Specialist Insurer

They were one of the first forensic investigative firms I met that has drawn together such a strong forensic background and skillset.

Cyber Product Leader, Risk Advisor and Insurance Broker
Data Breach Investigation
Decryption Assistance
Digital Forensics

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