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Defend Your Recurring Revenue

For an IT Managed Service Providers (MSP) availability and stability are essential for renewals. Yet recently, MSPs are increasingly targeted and a cyberattack is one of the most likely disasters to strike and disrupt an MSP’s clients. SpearTip specializes in assisting MSP in protecting themselves and their clients against costly cyber-attacks. With a flexible partnership model that lets you keep the customer relationship, adding ShadowSpear to your offering is an obvious move.

What is the ShadowSpear Platform for MSPs?

ShadowSpear provides effective protection and scalability for you and your clients against all sorts of threats, from a compromised email account to preventing a full-scale ransomware attack. Backed by three security operations centers (SOCs), the platform constantly monitors your environments and while the SOCs actively responds and remediates any attack 24/7/365. You can rest easy knowing that SpearTip’s expertise is seamlessly integrated with your team and there to defend your clients. ShadowSpear is an advanced toolset click here to learn more.

Competitive and Profitable Pricing
SpearTip’s partnership program is competitively priced leaving plenty of room for margin.

Control Your Customers
With SpearTip, you can do more than simply resell a product. We enable your team by integrating into your typical workflows and allow you to conduct all interactions with the end client.
MSP Advisory Services
Legacy software and hardware need to be replaced. Our advisory services for MSPs are designed to help you upsell your customers by leveraging both cyber and IT spend.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

See the SpearTip difference in Forrester’s Total Economic Impact on ShadowSpear. Within the study current SpearTip MSP partners were interviewed. Check out the study to see how we helped them both increase recurring revenue and protect their customers.

SpearTip MSP Program Highlights

• Leverage ShadowSpear to drive value for your customer. With an industry-leading 254% Return on investment (ROI) and less than a six-month payback, your customers will renew year after year.

• You control the customer relationships and hold the licensing. Our team will integrate with your MSP team and integrate into existing ticketing systems and workflows.

• In-house response team, dedicated to your customers’ account, that can deploy on short notice in the event of a breach or incident

• Reduce wasted time with noise and false positives from off the shelf solutions and gain instant access to cyber experts via the SOC 24/7/365. We partner closely with your internal team to ensure you and your clients are always defended against the latest threats. Freeing up your internal team to serve and respond to your customers.

• Nothing threatens your recurring revenue like a wide-scale ransomware attack. Leverage ShadowSpear to prevent costly attacks like ransomware and risk transfer to a third party.

• ShadowSpear is a flexible platform that will integrate with existing IT technology investments. Enabling you to monitor and respond across your client base regardless of what infrastructure is in place.

Forrester, The Total Economic Impact of SpearTip ShadowSpear

Completed Cybersecurity Solution for MSPs

ShadowSpear is a future-proof platform built to help you protect your business and your customers.

  • Increase your Profit | SpearTip’s partnership program enables you to offer market-leading pricing that maximizes your margin.
  • Cloud-Native | ShadowSpear was built in and for the cloud, we can protect environments regardless of where they reside.
  • Single Console | ShadowSpear gives you total visibility across your customer base and one place to gain insight into your environments’ security posture.
  • Comprehensive Support | SpearTip’s SOCs are here for you 24/7/365 with cyber experts ready to respond.

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