Increase Your Recurring Revenue

At the center of our MSP Partnership is ShadowSpear, a future-proof detection and response platform built to protect your business and your customers. A partnership also allows your business to defend recurring revenue while gaining scalability for you and your clients and effective protection against all manner of cyber threats.

The SpearTip Difference

We specialize in assisting MSPs with protecting themselves and their clients against costly cyberattacks. With a flexible partnership model that lets you keep the customer relationship, adding ShadowSpear to your offerings brings enhanced client stability, expert support, extended detection and response, and an industry-leading return on investment.

Partnership Goals

For IT MSPs, a partnership with SpearTip means that you and your customers possess the stability and availability of industry-leading technology-supported 24×7 365 by cyber counterintelligence experts.

We enhance the offerings of our MSP partners with the ShadowSpear Platform, an unparalleled detection and response toolset supported by certified engineers in our global network of 24/7 SOCs.

Partnering with SpearTip enables your team to maximize customer relationships by integrating our toolset into your offerings as an enhanced security solution.

“Are You Doing Everything to Protect Your Clients?”


Exceed Compliance and Insurance Requirements

As a SpearTip partner, you gain our expertise in conducting comprehensive security assessments that go beyond simple compliance checks and ensure valuable insurance coverage.

Prioritizing Cybersecurity

SpearTip offers an all-in-one cybersecurity solution allowing you to focus on your clients' core IT objectives while also providing industry-leading protection against malicious threats.

Offset Staffing and Toolset Costs

When you partner with SpearTip, you receive a turnkey SOC and a team of experts dedicated to your account on a 24/7/365 basis allowing your current team to focus on client interactions.

Customer Retention

SpearTip enables your team with instant access by integrating into your current workflows so you can focus on strengthening relationships.

Partner Testimonial: Cytek's Ryan Tillman

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The Benefits of a SpearTip Partnership

Managed IT Service Provider, VP of Technology

"The frequency of events was rising, and the attacks were becoming more sophisticated, going from recovering from backups to business-crippling attacks."

Managed IT Service Provider, VP of Technology

"We reached a point where we realized that building our own SOC team wasn't the best choice for us. part of it was that we realized that it would take a long time to build out a true SOC team and we wouldn't be able to effectively support our clients at a reasonable cost."

Financial Services, Director of Threat and Vulnerability Management

"They came as a complete package to monitor threats and vulnerabilities. So, it replaced any tool we would've used."

CSO of Healthcare MSP

If I had to hire staff to do these same types of security initiatives, it would cost me two, three times as much. It gives me more freedom to use those dollars to repurpose and bring in dedicated talent to do things that are going to help move the business forward financially."

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