SpearTip's Managed SOC

Continuous Security Operations Delivered 24/7/365

SpearTip’s ShadowSpear® Platform is an integrable and effective security service that protects against cyber threats and attacks impacting your organization. The Software as a Service architecture platform optimizes visibility without intensive and overbearing resource requirements. ShadowSpear® is lightweight, stable, and able to enhance the cyber posture of any organization.

ShadowSpear® Platform Ecosystem

Identify - Integrable SIEM

Identify provides enhanced visibility across your entire information security environment by collecting and correlating data from the network, user domain, and operating system layers.

Neutralize -
Next Generation Antivirus

Gain immediate access to advanced threat prevention with fully managed next-gen antivirus (AV) and endpoint detection and response (EDR) services.

Counter - Remote Response Capability

Counter provides real time response capabilities for our SOC team to counter active threats on all endpoints throughout your environment on your behalf.

Security Operations Center

Our 24/7 SOC is the command center where our certified, experienced engineers and analysts actively monitor client environments, empowered and prepared to remediate any suspicious activity in real time.

Cloud Monitoring

Safeguard your cloud applications, including email tenants, against cyberattacks with real-time monitoring and alerting capabilities from the team in our 24/7 SOC.


Detect Threats Now

Legacy toolsets have resulted in threat actors living an average of 204 days* in an environment before detection. Bad hashes and simple pattern matching alone do not equate to organizational security. With Identify, you can ditch legacy SIEMs, integrate current security toolsets, and have 24/7/365 monitoring across your organization. Identify correlates logs from various platforms, devices, and systems across your IT environment with data collected by the ShadowSpear® Platform. Cloud SIEM capabilities provide custom dashboards, queries, and specific intelligence to Identify threats sooner leading to empowering our team’s event response.

* IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report 2023

shadowspear platform identify
shadowspear platform identify
shadowspear platform neutralize
shadowspear platform neutralize


Eliminate Threats

Legacy antivirus is too slow to stay up to date with emerging and advanced attacks such as ransomware. ShadowSpear®’s Neutralize module offers advanced prevention technology that provides defense against advanced persistent threats, including ransomware, for protected endpoints. Upon deployment, Neutralize sits in the shadows waiting for malware, threat actors, and ransomware to strike, recognizing malicious activity, and neutralizing the threat. It equips an organization with next-gen antivirus and enterprise detection and response (EDR) capabilities powered 24/7/365 by cyber professionals.


Response and Remediation

Detection is only half the battle; adversaries are increasingly attacking or circumventing security controls and products. Counter puts your team in the driver’s seat and gives SpeartTip’s SOC the ability to immediately react to malicious activity on an endpoint. By collecting forensic artifacts, executing response scripts, and isolating hosts, our team has the power to counter any adversary at any time.

shadowspear platform counter
shadowspear platform counter


We interrupt ransomware by preventing exploits in memory, stopping the threat before the full attack cycle.

Seamless Integrations

ShadowSpear® integrates with cloud, network, and endpoint devices to provide security regardless of the platform.

24/7/365 Support

Tools fail, no product is perfect. ShadowSpear® is operated by security engineers monitoring and responding to threats day and night.


SpearTip has a dedicated onboarding team to help with your deployment.

What Our Clients Are Saying

ShadowSpear® supplied us with a complete security package for our cloud. I call it SOC-in-a-box. They came as a complete package to monitor threat and vulnerabilities. So, it replaced any tool we would’ve used. We did not purchase a SIEM; we’re using ShadowSpear®. We did not purchase network monitoring software; we’re using ShadowSpear. We did not purchase additional scanners; we’re using ShadowSpear. All of those things that make up an incident response and threat and vulnerability management team in the cloud is for us, ShadowSpear.

Director of Threat and Vulnerability Management, Financial Services

shadowspear platform SOC

Outmaneuver Your Adversary™

Threat actors are working around the clock, shouldn’t your security team be too? Technology solutions and security controls fail for a number of reasons: poor deployment, improper implementation, or just no one monitoring the alerts. ShadowSpear®’s 24/7 driven team of engineers have both the technical capability and the technology to fight back and defend you. Our team of cybersecurity professionals will be available around-the-clock monitoring from our security operations centers to respond and remediate any attack against your organization. SpearTip’s team gives your organization the fighting chance against nation-based threat actors and cyber criminals. We defend your company, your brand, your reputation, and your livelihood against the constant stream of cyber-attacks.

ShadowSpear® for MSPs

Looking for an ally in going to market with Cybersecurity? See the SpearTip difference when you leverage our ShadowSpear® . From cutting-edge technology, SpearTip offers both proactive and reactive cybersecurity services that equip your MSP business to thrive.

See all of the ways our team will protect yours.

  • 24/7/365 security monitoring
  • Sales strategy and support
  • In-house response team, dedicated to your account
  • Fully managed model allowing you to add security overnight
  • Flexibility to match your mission and current solutions
  • Phenomenal margins and competitive programs

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