Incident Response Planning

If an organization does not have an incident response plan in place before a cyber incident occurs, it may be too late to safeguard all critical assets. The goal of Incident Response Planning is to provide a comprehensive evaluation of a client’s current IRP and build the means to optimize its maturity. If not currently in place, the Advisory Services team will help construct a plan that is unique to the client’s needs and operations with respect to preparation, detection, containment, eradication, recovery, and lessons learned. Additionally, procedures will be suggested to keep the plan current and useable over time. Roles and responsibilities of stakeholders, escalation and communication processes, threat-specific playbooks, and other critical functions of the incident response process will be addressed. 

Phishing Campaign Assessment

Phishing emails are consistently at the top of the list for most targeted attack vectors, allowing threat actors to harvest legitimate credentials to infiltrate otherwise secure environments. Given this reality, it is vital for organizations to assess the discernment of their teams with simulated phishing campaigns. SpearTip’s phishing assessments test and educate personnel at the client organization by sending them non-malicious phishing emails, observing their responses, and providing a short training video on the dangers of phishing and how to spot it. The response data is collected, reviewed, and delivered to the client.  

Security Awareness Training

An optimized cybersecurity posture begins with the education of all team members. Our security awareness training modules help educate personnel at the client organization by sending them training videos around a security topic, requiring them to answer questions about the information presented. Our library contains over 30 topics, ranging from cloud security, password hygiene, and social engineering, all designed to reduce the likelihood of an impactful cyberattack. Interaction with the video and questionnaire can be tracked and provided back to the client. Client coordination is required to ensure proper delivery of training and reasonable coverage across the organization.

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