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SpearTip Defends℠ You Livelihoods Jobs Careers Finance You Insurance Law Firms Healthcare Education You Communities Governments IT MSPs Cloud You Infrastructure Network The Supply Chain Critical Infrastructure You Research Intellectual Property Brand Reputation You Windows Endpoints Linux You MAC PII PHI

SpearTip Defends℠ You Livelihoods Jobs Careers Finance You Insurance Law Firms Healthcare Education You Communities Governments IT MSPs Cloud You Infrastructure Network The 
Supply Chain
You Research Intellectual 
Brand Reputation You Windows Endpoints Linux You MAC PII PHI

Incident Response Spotlight
Read the Incident Response Spotlight by Forrester
SpearTip Defends Your Company from Ransomware
ShadowSpear® Platform for MSPs
ShadowSpear® provides effective protection and scalability
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defend you, today.

SpearTip Defends You

Virtually anyone can provide you with basic cybersecurity hardware, software, and monitoring. What makes SpearTip’s cybersecurity solutions different is that we understand the methods, motivations, and mindsets of the cybercriminals targeting you. These are not tools you are fighting, they are very highly sophisticated organizations and you need experts on their level to effectively fight them.

SpearTip focuses on the people behind cyberattacks, and are prepared to stop them. SpearTip works tirelessly to defend organizations, livelihoods, shareholder value, jobs, reputations, brands and most importantly, you.

Cybersecurity Solutions
Cybersecurity Solutions - speartip defends msps

SpearTip Defends℠

IT MSPs are a high-value target, learn how SpearTip partners with MSPs to protect themselves and their clients.
Cybersecurity Solutions - speartip defends healthcare

SpearTip Defends℠

Healthcare organizations can’t afford business disruption, learn more about how SpearTip defends healthcare.
Cybersecurity Solutions - speartip defends finance

SpearTip Defends℠

It’s more critical in improving your financial institution's cybersecurity environment with recent data breaches.
Cybersecurity Solutions - speartip partner with insurance

SpearTip Partners
with Insurance

Cyber insurance carriers face tough problems, learn how SpearTip partners with carriers to defend their insured.
Cybersecurity Solutions - speartip partners with legal

SpearTip Partners
with Legal

Law firms handle tough legal cases, learn how SpearTip partners with law firms to defend their clients.
Cybersecurity Solutions - speartip defends enterprises

SpearTip Defends℠

ShadowSpear® is designed to meet the challenges of companies' sophisticated and distributed IT environments.
Cybersecurity Solutions - speartip defends critical infrastructure

SpearTip Defends℠
Critical Infrastructure

Threat actors are targeting critical infrastructure. SpearTip has designed solutions to address the risks.
Cybersecurity Solutions - speartip defends manufacturing

SpearTip Defends℠

Avoid the headlines and downtime, and continue to provide your products for your customers with ShadowSpear.

ShadowSpear® Platform

The ShadowSpear® Platform is an unparalleled, proprietary resource that helps you Identify threats, Neutralize malware, and Counter adversaries. The SaaS platform has been deployed on and integrated with hundreds of thousands of systems across the globe, protecting businesses of all sizes from devastating cyber-attacks.
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The Benefits of a SpearTip Partnership

Partner Testimonial: Cytek's Ryan Tillman

What Our Partners Are Saying

ShadowSpear supplied us with a complete security package for our cloud. I call it SOC-in-a-box. They came as a complete package to monitor threats and vulnerabilities. So, it replaced any tool we would’ve used. We did not purchase a SIEM; we’re using ShadowSpear. We did not purchase network monitoring software; we’re using ShadowSpear. We did not purchase additional scanners; we’re using ShadowSpear. All of those things that make up an incident response and threat and vulnerability management team in the cloud is for us, ShadowSpear.

Director of Threat and Vulnerability Management, Financial Services

We reached a point where we realized that building our own SOC team wasn’t the best choice for us. Part of it was that we realized that it would take a long time to build out a true SOC team and we wouldn’t be able to effectively support our clients at a reasonable cost.

VP of Technology, Managed Service Provider

We had all the things in place to catch 99.9% of anything that might come in. We had everything in place to catch everything except what ultimately led me to SpearTip. We had an attack from the inside – I had never contemplated it.

Co-Founder, IT Service Provider

The frequency of events was rising, and the attacks were becoming more sophisticated, going from recovering from backups to business crippling attacks.

VP of Technology at a Managed IT Service Provider

Within an hour of me calling them, they were in my network and doing their thing.

Co-Founder of Managed IT Provider

We needed to establish a SOC for the cloud. That means hiring a leader and multiple associates with appropriate skills and implementing multiple tools as we shifted from on-prem to what would be best for our cloud environment. It probably would have taken a year to bring in the talent and new cloud-focused tools, and to develop the necessary APIs, all while keeping up with the implementation we had already begun.

Director of Threat and Vulnerability Management, Financial Services

If I had to hire staff to do these same types of security initiatives, it would cost me two, three times as much as what I’m paying SpearTip to do that. So, it gives me a little more freedom to use those dollars to repurpose and bring in other talents to do things that are going to help move the business forward, financially.

CSO, Healthcare Non-Profit

We didn’t have a dedicated group focused on security, we just had people doing that. And now we just don’t need to do that because SpearTip is such a good partner.

CSO, Healthcare Non-Profit

SpearTip completely saved that investment for me and my partners. I’m going the distance with ShadowSpear.

Co-Founder, IT Service Provider

SpearTip can keep up better than some larger organizations. They’re more like a sports car than a tank – a little bit more nimble, a little bit more agile at this point which is what you need to keep up with cybersecurity right now.

Director of Threat and Vulnerability Management, Financial Services

I was impressed with how [SpearTip] handled things and communicated while they were doing a client’s attack recovery. They were very, very cooperative, and very willing to explain what their software was, what it did, how to work through the incident response plan, what forensic data they actually needed. It was a very different experience than some encounters I had with potential partners.

VP of Technology, Managed IT Service Provider

A service like what SpearTip offers is going to become as normal as the light bill over the next few years. There is no other way.

Co-Founder, IT Service Provider

I like the simplicity of their pricing, an all-in-one monthly per workstation cost. Instead of you worry about how much data was being ingested and net pay for certain levels of service, it is great having an all-encompassing price.

VP of Technology, Managed IT Service Provider

ShadowSpear has the Power to Fight Back

Experience ShadowSpear for yourself. Our lightweight, integrated solution will help you sleep easier at night and provide immediate confidence in your security posture. Click below for more information.

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