Cyber Threats End Here.

At SpearTip, stopping cyber criminals is what we do.  And what we do better than anyone else. We use every legal means possible to stop cybercrime before it happens. But when it does, we ruthlessly pursue the criminals responsible and work tirelessly to recover our clients’ assets.  

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The Cyber Counterintelligence Advantage.

Virtually anyone can provide you with basic cybersecurity hardware, software and monitoring. What makes SpearTip different is that we understand the methods, motivations and mindsets of the cyber criminals targeting you. Because once you focus on the people behind cyberattacks, you’ll be prepared to stop them.

Managed Detection and Response

Our Managed Detection and Response provides relentless threat hunting, immediate threat response and hands-on remediation that no tool could ever provide. It’s your ultimate safeguard.

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We’ll assess your security solutions using the same calculated tactics used by cyber criminals. We’ll provide unparalleled visibility to uncover weaknesses and vulnerabilities only the bad actors know you have.

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Incident Response

When you’ve been breached nothing else matters. That’s why our teams deploy immediately and work nonstop until the threat is not only contained, but crushed and you’re back up and running normally.

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Digital Forensics

Our Digital Forensics Experts make complicated information understandable, to judges and juries alike. In short, we provide facts people can grasp.

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Protected Fortune 500 Company from Wire Fraud

Responded to the fraudulent wire transfer and coordinated efforts with external counsel in efforts to recover the fraudulent wire. Worked with counsel and overseas law enforcement to recover over half of the funds from an overseas account.

– VP of Information Security

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