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Nearly 70% of incident response cases start with a missed security alert that could have fully prevented the incident from even occurring. Protect your business with SpearTip’s suite of comprehensive cybersecurity solutions.

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The Cyber Counterintelligence Advantage

Advanced Threat Intelligence Giving You the Upper Hand

Virtually anyone can provide you with basic cybersecurity hardware, software and monitoring. What makes SpearTip’s security consulting services different is that we understand the methods, motivations and mindsets of the cyber criminals targeting you. We focus on the people behind cyberattacks, and are prepared to stop them.


We help organizations identify their cyber risk and vulnerabilities and ensure full, continuous, end-to-end protection. Our breadth of services fall within four main functional areas: Incident Response, Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS), Digital Forensics and Risk Assessment/Pre-Breach. SpearTip is completely cloud-based and technology agnostic enabling us to integrate with any existing tools and systems. Our comprehensive cyber counterintelligence capabilities confront the global threat of state-sponsored attacks and organized crime, including ransomware, corporate espionage, intellectual property theft, digital fraud and breach of confidential data.


Our highly technical teams dig deep into malicious activity and vulnerabilities inside our partner’s environment to identify the bad actors behind the activity and ensure we stop them permanently. These are not tools you are fighting, they are very highly sophisticated organizations and you need experts on their level to effectively fight them.


Incident Response

When you’ve been breached nothing else matters. That’s why our teams deploy immediately and work nonstop, in a continuous investigative cycle, until the threat is not only contained, but eradicated in record time. Our average response time is 15 minutes, and we can reclaim your network in a matter of hours with our cyber incident response services.

Security Operations Center as a Service

Our proprietary ShadowSpear® Platform provides relentless threat hunting, immediate threat response and hands-on remediation that no tool could ever provide. It’s your ultimate safeguard against cyber-attacks and breaches. SpearTip will keep threats out of your networks before they become breaches with our onsite, 24/7/365 Security Operations Center, staffed with a fully-certified team of operatives and the most advanced technology.


Proactive Services

Your organization has vulnerabilities you don’t even know about. Our team of cybersecurity operatives will assess your security solutions using the same calculated tactics used by cyber criminals. We’ll provide unparalleled visibility to uncover weaknesses and vulnerabilities only the bad actors know you have. Then, our team will provide cybersecurity solutions to keep your business safe.


Digital Forensics

An expert witness who lacks the ability to communicate effectively is a liability. Our Digital Forensics Experts can make complicated information understandable to judges and juries alike. In short, we provide facts people can grasp. Plus, everything we do pre-trial is done by the book in conjunction with legal counsel, which is the difference between winning and losing.

What Our Partners Are Saying

"SpearTip’s ability to rapidly respond with a capable team that is supervised by a number of different senior advisors means that in the crucial hours following a cyber incident clients have eyes on the event at every level and 24 hour access to personnel with firsthand knowledge of the event. The ability to do this with highly competitive pricing makes SpearTip stand out among the field of players."

Chair of a National Cybersecurity Law Practice

"We have been a SpearTip client since 2011. Over the years SpearTip has performed numerous engagements for us that have saved us from the potential of financial loss and major business disruption."

Jim Cali, Chief Audit Executive, Bi-State Development

Expert Cybersecurity Insights

With more than 15 years’ experience in cyber counterintelligence, we have learned to approach cybersecurity differently, and more effectively, than other companies. We have a diversified suite of cybersecurity solutions that were born from real-world experience, and we use them to protect organizations like yours every day. Our team of highly-trained experts doesn’t hesitate to share their knowledge. Browse our case studies, expert insights, Ask the Expert series and more to see why so many organizations choose us to protect their systems when the worst happens.