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SpearTip | July 27th, 2021


Global Security Operations continue to lead the way when responding to major security breaches that impact virtually every market segment in a post-COVID world. Work from home increased pressure on threat actors from U.S. law enforcement, and threat actor capabilities continue to increase exponentially. The importance of levelling the playing field with threat actors has become more important than ever before.

Importance of Global Security Operations

There are many reasons threat actors are successful in breaching organizations and one of them is their ability to easily attack across borders while remaining anonymous and realizing financial gain with impunity. Some countries may be targeted more than others, but the bottom line is threat actors are looking for opportunity, not company size or standing. This is why improved cybersecurity protection for all businesses, not just large companies, is so critical.

Threat actors are very well integrated with each other and communicate efficiently through encrypted channels. This allows them to orchestrate their attack plans and recruit talent from across the globe. Recently, a Latvian TrickBot coder, one of the most invasive botnets in the world, was arraigned on several charges stemming from her involvement in infiltrating networks and stealing profit from businesses all over the globe. Yet, another example of the distributed functionality of these threat actors regardless of physical location and proves the increased pressure they’re facing from law enforcement.

When we see news of threat actor arrests, they are usually lower-level members of these cybercriminal groups. The people at the top usually remain untouched and continue the operation as a whole, which allows these groups to stay active in their quest for financial gain. Even if a threat group was completely dismantled, other groups will quickly fill the gap as they reassemble under a different moniker. These constant threats must be met with like vigilance in protecting and reacting to these threats at a moment’s notice.

Because of this constant activity, businesses need top security talent with a global presence in network security to be able to protect their organization. The battle against cybercrime has a wide scope, but as an individual entity, reaching out to security firms like SpearTip will ensure your network security and defense are improved and your data remains protected from persistent threats.

In addition, tough questions need to be asked of the Executive Leadership – Why have you allowed this to happen?  True accountability and the demand for change land at the feet of the C-Suite.

Businesses anywhere in the world can benefit from an experienced security firm handling and strengthening their security posture. If, not when, remains the motto for cyber threats. If you’re not actively repairing and assessing your network, they will find their way in and do unwanted damage. It was recently disclosed that REvil ransomware operators performed over thirty-five thousand failed login attempts on RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) before successfully breaching a US nuclear contractor. This is a prime example of the borderless attacks and sophisticated threat actors’ abilities to be persistent with ease.

What does this mean to my organization?

  • Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS)
  • 24/7 Continuous Monitoring
  • Endpoint Detection and Response Tools
  • Assess Networks and Backups regularly
  • Access to Certified Engineers and Analysts

Engaging with security firms who check all the boxes above is crucial since most companies do not have the internal ability to keep up with and defend against intelligent threat actors. Ask the high-level executives and board members within your organization if they view cybersecurity as a priority. If they don’t, then encourage them to involve a security firm that can deliver actionable results.

Most companies that are hit with ransomware or malware, in general, have never discussed cyber protection until it’s too late. Cyber-attacks can be costly for your business, but what costs, even more, is the downtime when your operations are not running as they should. Providing for your customers and being able to perform day-to-day tasks generates profit. When that is shut down, it directly affects your revenue.

All of this may seem complicated at first, but simply put, a Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS) is the future of global cybersecurity protection and operational excellence. You can install all the antivirus tools you want, but the value comes in a 24/7 continuous monitoring cycle. When you see vulnerabilities or any security issues within your environment, talking directly to a certified, highly technical engineer is the most concise path to dealing with threats head-on.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What specific challenges do global security operations face in terms of coordination and communication?

Global security operations face challenges in terms of coordination and communication due to factors such as language barriers, different time zones, and cultural differences. Coordinating efforts and ensuring effective communication between teams spread across multiple locations can be complex and may require additional resources and technology solutions.

What measures can organizations take to ensure the success of global security operations?

To ensure the success of global security operations, organizations can implement several measures. First, establishing clear and standardized communication protocols and channels can help streamline information flow and facilitate coordination among teams. Additionally, investing in collaboration tools and platforms that support real-time communication and document sharing can enhance the efficiency of global security operations. Regular training and workshops can also help teams understand each other's roles, responsibilities, and processes, fostering better coordination.

Are there any notable examples or case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of global security operations in preventing or mitigating cybersecurity threats?

There are several notable examples that highlight the effectiveness of global security operations in combating cybersecurity threats. For instance, in a case study from the financial industry, a global security operations center successfully detected and thwarted a sophisticated cyber attack targeting multiple branches across different countries. Through effective coordination and sharing of threat intelligence, the security operations center was able to prevent financial losses and protect customer data. Similarly, in the healthcare sector, a global security operations team collaborated with various regional teams to proactively identify and respond to cybersecurity incidents, mitigating potential disruptions to critical healthcare services. These examples showcase how global security operations can play a crucial role in preventing and mitigating cybersecurity threats across diverse sectors.

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