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MSPs have a lot riding to ensure their clients have a positive experience and secure environment. Research indicates that 95% of MSP clients who changed providers did so because they were dissatisfied with the service they received. To meet the expectations, numerous MSPs are collaborating with third-party cybersecurity companies like SpearTip to ensure they can provide the protection their clients deserve. MSPs need to ensure that they’re aligned with their partners and vendors to manage and meet clients’ expectations. Here’s what MSPs can expect from cybersecurity companies.

What MSPs Can Expect from Cybersecurity Companies

Fast and Reliable Service

When choosing a cybersecurity company, the first thing MSPs need to look for is quick, dependable service. When threats arise, MSPs and their clients need to have confidence that they’re safe, with quick resolutions to cybersecurity incidents and appropriate, timely responses. Cybersecurity is time-consuming and difficult, and threat operators are aware of it. Certain techniques, including business email compromise (BEC), specifically target busy and overworked IT teams by exploiting alert fatigue. However, MSPs are facing difficulties because they only have one chance to prove their worth to clients.

If unsure where to begin when evaluating a cybersecurity company and their solution, here are a few key factors to consider:

  • Experience Level – How experienced is the security team supporting the technology? Look for a security service provider with extensive knowledge, including experience in the intelligence community. SpearTip, for instance, has over 16 years of rapid incident response experience and the associated insight.
  • Comprehensive Solution – How extensive is the solution? The ideal security solution will protect everything from endpoints to cloud services and networks, ensuring that their entire threat surface is secure.
  • Time Savings – Will the solution restore time to the MSPs’ team’s schedule? Any security provider that can provide a simplified, comprehensive solution needs to be able to save time by highlighting only the most pressing threats to MSPs and their clients

Simplified Solutions

Because cybersecurity is a complex field, many companies choose to outsource security operations to some extent. However, not all third-party security companies can assist in making things easier. Because many security companies lack a holistic solution that provides seamless, end-to-end protection of the entire threat surface, complexity is a major concern. Even though some vendors claim to own their entire technology stack, the truth is that many security solutions are built on different technologies not designed to work together.

With new tools and technology being added to improve functionality and protect against threats, they must communicate with one another. However, because they were not designed and developed with interoperability in mind, they lack the visibility required to provide valuable context about what’s going on within modern IT environments. To provide the context required to understand when activities in the clouds are affecting endpoints or something on networks is causing issues with cloud-based services, simplified solutions need to be owned and entirely developed by one partner.

Easy Enablement

There’s no one-size-fits-all security solution; however, companies’ growth is dependent on keeping up with clients’ needs. MSPs can tailor their service to each company individually, regardless of industry, business approach, or what they require from MSPs, by offering flexible security offerings. MSPs need a company that is familiar with clients’ needs. In other words, choosing vendors who provide flexible, adaptable packages and purchase agreements to meet clients’ needs. Additionally, MSPs must be able to reach out to prospective clients with marketing materials that effectively communicate the values of their chosen solution.

An ideal cybersecurity company will provide MSPs with various documentation and support materials to help them succeed. Cybersecurity companies need to hold regular training sessions, serve as thought leaders supporting MSPs’ sales efforts, and provide leads. Consider security companies that focus on developing self-sufficient partnerships. This implies that companies have done the legwork required to support the services they’re providing to MSPs, making it easier for them to attract and onboard new clients.

Building Partnerships for Mutual Success

Mutual success is the mark of a good partnership. MSPs just don’t want to be another client or account in the eyes of their security providers, MSPs want them to be there when needed to collaborate, cooperate, and communicate so both can grow together. Partnerships need to allow MSPs to influence and shape the development of their security solutions based on their feedback (and their clients). Working relationships allow MSPs to better tailor their services to their clients and provide security companies with valuable insights into creating better products and earning new businesses. MSPs want to approach customers with confidence, providing flexible services at a price point ensuring healthy margins for MSPs while not eating into their budget. MSPs’ security providers want reliable partners to get their products into the hands of more businesses, increasing their reputation and allowing them to pursue additional opportunities as market leaders.

If searching for a partner that focuses on delivering all the above sounds like a tall one, then consider checking out SpearTip. By incorporating SpearTip’s pre-breach risk services in its current catalog, MSPs can upsell its security offerings. SpearTip makes it simple to add security services to MSPs’ offerings. When working with SpearTip, MSPs received an integrable and sophisticated managed threat detection and response technology in the form of the ShadowSpear Platform. Additionally, SpearTip provides an entire team of certified engineers and security analysts at their disposal and all the tools MSPs need to successfully market, sell, and deliver cybersecurity. We enable MSP teams with instant access by integrating into their current workflows so MSPs can focus on strengthening relationships.

 If your company is experiencing a breach, call our Security Operations Centers at 833.997.7327 to speak directly with an engineer.


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