The ransomware operation that began in July 2020 as a Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) is now utilizing Windows Active Directory APIs to work its way through networks.

MalwareHunterTeam is credited for sharing a sample of a MountLocker executable which contains a new worm feature that allows it to move throughout networks and encrypt 0ther devices on it. XingLocker, a group that uses a customized version of MountLocker executables, is where the sample originated.

The worm can be enabled by running the sample with a /NETWORK command-line argument. Although, without a Windows domain, the sample will fail. More analysis of the sample by security researchers revealed the Windows Active Directory Service Interfaces API to spread throughout networks. The MountLocker ransomware uses the NetGetDCName() function in order to retrieve the name of the domain controller. After the name is retrieved, it performs LDAP queries against the domain controller’s ADS using the ADsOpenObject() function with credentials on passed on the command line.

After connecting to Active Directory services, it goes through the database for objects of ‘objectclass=computer’. MountLocker will then attempt to copy the ransomware executable to the remote device’s ‘\C$\ProgramData’ folder. The ransomware will then remotely create a Windows service to load the executable and encrypt the device.

By utilizing this API, the ransomware can move laterally and find all devices that are part of the compromised Windows domain and encrypt those with stolen domain credentials as well.

This isn’t the first time this API has been seen in malware, as TrickBot uses it, but it could be the first instance of a “corporate ransomware for professionals” to use these APIs to carry out built-in reconnaissance and spread throughout networks.

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