Caleb Boma | July 14th, 2020

According to, a Google employee created an encryption tool called AgeLocker to encrypt files. This tool was recently used in part to push out a ransomware attack. Examination of the attack revealed a link within the encrypted files sent you to a GitHub posting where a utility called ‘Age’ was created by a current Google employee.

The attack was especially odd because the ransom note was sent through email. In most cases, the note is already included with the ransomware and gives full instructions for the victim. The attacker requested bitcoin in return for a decryption tool to get files recovered.

The attacker is asking for $64,500 in bitcoin to have all files retrieved. This situation is not ideal for a company of any size. What makes this situation even scarier, is it is not known how the attacker got into the environment at this time. Even if the security team at this establishment understood there was an attack, they were not prepared to defend it.

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