SpearTip | August 5th, 2022

The past week yet again demonstrates ransomware is among the greatest threats facing businesses and nations around the globe.

A ransomware attack on a marketing, printing, and mailing service provider, OneTouchPoint, impacted over 30 of its healthcare clients. Some personal information was encrypted in the attack, though the specific extent of the damage is unknown at this point.

As the summer ends for students, another school district falls victim to ransomware. Iowa’s Linn-Mar district experienced a ransomware attack by Vice Society, who claimed in their note to have encrypted all files, including sensitive information.

New ransomware tools, including “ChimneySweep” and “RoadSweep”, were used by Iranian-backed threat actors who shut down access to multiple services of the Albanian government. This attack demonstrates the continuation of politicized ransomware across the global threat landscape.

BlackCat/ALPHV ransomware strikes again. This time the threat operation is claiming responsibility for an attack on Creos, a natural gas pipeline and electricity operation based in Luxembourg. Attacks against critical infrastructure continue to devastate the global supply chain.

Semikron, a German-based semiconductor manufacturer, experienced a ransomware attack that encrypted large amounts of company data. Given tensions between China and Taiwan, the semiconductor market is in a precarious position for high leverage attacks.

With the unceasing attacks against businesses and nations around the globe, it’s imperative to defend yourself and your sensitive information against ransomware with a premier cybersecurity solution like SpearTip‘s ShadowSpear Platform. 

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