SpearTip | January 6th, 2023

The turn of the New Year has shown that threat actors were busy during the extended holiday with no signs of slowing down their attacks. Here are some of the biggest and most significant recent cyberattacks.

The Los Angeles Housing Authority, which provides assistance to nearly 20,000 local families, reported it had 15TB of data containing financial and personal information stolen from its databases.

Fast casual burger restaurant chain, Five Guys, announced a recent data breach resulting in the theft of personally identifiable information (PII) of customers and job applicants.

Portugal’s Port of Lisbon, one of Europe’s busiest seaports, is currently recovering from a ransomware attack that disrupted its digital and IT systems in a significant disruption to the global supply chain.

Rail and locomotive industry leader, Wabtec, experienced a significant data breach that exposed numerous records containing personal data and other sensitive information.

Account details from more than 200 million Twitter users were stolen and listed online with the option to download all the data for free, which will likely lead to increased doxxing and phishing scams.

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