SpearTip | July 29th, 2022

The Canadian town of St. Marys was severely impacted by ransomware that shut down computer and IT systems while encrypting large swaths of data. Attacks on governments are becoming increasingly frequent.

Multiple schools in Bedfordshire, England were affected by ransomware that allegedly stole students’ personal information, including sensitive medical records. The threat actors are seeking a ransom of £500,000.

As much as 100GB of sensitive data, including financial and personal records, were exfiltrated from the Italian Revenue Agency (IRA). The allegations stem from a report by the IRA and information contained on the LockBit ransomware group’s leak site.

The personal information of patrons of Toronto’s Symphony Orchestra, among several other cultural organizations, were compromised in a ransomware attack. The common thread of all victims was the use of WordFly email systems, which sustained the breach.

Digital software security enterprise, Entrust, which focuses on providing software and services for identity management and secure transactions was hit by ransomware. Entrust reports that customer information was not among the stolen data.

With this treacherous threat landscape, it’s necessary for your business to take security precautions to protect business-critical data.

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