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Chris Swagler | February 18th, 2023


In the ever-changing digital environment, the cyber threat landscape remains dynamic and evolving, presenting major risks for companies and why having cybersecurity tools in place is important. Cybercriminals will target any company regardless of size and cyberattacks will continue to be a constant threat to numerous high-profile companies and industry sectors. As a security specialist, keeping up with cyber threats and attack methods can be overwhelming. Companies and their systems, regardless of size and industry, need to be secure 24/7 using the latest cybersecurity tools. There are various layered, cloud-based, network-based, endpoint-based, and cybersecurity tools and solutions that companies utilize in detecting and responding to cybersecurity threats. The three main detection and response platforms companies utilize are MDR, XDR, and EDR. We will discuss each one individually, how each platform works, and why having an all-in-one cybersecurity tool that combines next-generation endpoint protection and cloud-based network security solutions is necessary to defend companies from future cyber threats.

Three Main Cybersecurity Tools

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) – Referred to as an outsourced cybersecurity service designed to protect companies’ data and assist when threats evade companies’ security controls. This cybersecurity tool is a sophisticated 24/7 security control that frequently combines various security functions, including cloud-managed security, for companies that can’t operate their own security operations center. MDR services bring together advanced analytics, threat intelligence, and human knowledge in incident investigation and response at the host and network levels. MDR can remotely monitor, detect, and respond to cyber threats that are detected within companies. MDR has various core capabilities, including prioritization, proactive threat hunting, incident investigation, guided response, alert triage, and remediation.

Extended Detection and Response (XDR) – XDR is a SaaS-based vendor-specific security threat detection and incident response platform that combines various security products into a unified security operations system. XDR allows companies to go beyond traditional investigative controls by offering comprehensive, yet simplified, threat views across the whole technology landscape. The cybersecurity tool also provides real-time actionable threat intelligence to security operations for improved, faster results. XDR collects threat data from previously segregated security solutions throughout companies’ technological stacks for easier and faster analysis, threat hunting, and response. Endpoints, cloud workloads, network email, and other security telemetry sources can all be collected by an XDR platform. From a single console, XDR delivers comprehensive forensic investigation and threat-hunting capabilities across various domains.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) – Sometimes known as endpoint threat detection and response (ETDR), EDR is a comprehensive endpoint security solution combining real-time continuous monitoring and endpoint data collection with rules-based automated reaction and analysis capabilities. EDR detects and analyzes suspicious activities on hosts and endpoints, relying heavily on automation to enable security teams to immediately identify and respond to cyberattacks. Additionally, EDR records and maintains endpoint-system-level activities employing various data analytics techniques in detecting suspicious system behavior, gives contextual information, inhibits malicious activities, and recommends remediation in restoring damaged systems. EDR security solutions record the activities and events occurring on endpoints and workloads giving security teams the visibility needed to identify incidents that can go undetected.

With more advanced ransomware groups and threat actors utilizing new attack vectors and techniques to move undetected through data networks, it’s important for companies to always remain vigilant on the latest threat landscape and regularly update their network security infrastructure to prevent potential cyber threats. Even the most advanced and state-of-the-art detection and response software can fail to detect the most advanced attack vectors and techniques. Utilizing an all-in-one cybersecurity tool like ShadowSpear provides companies with the layered security services needed. The ShadowSpear Platform is an unparalleled solution that helps organizations identify, block, and respond to advanced cyber threats. The managed platform was designed to be lightweight and stable even in the most complex environments, and the software-as-a-service (SaaS) architecture enables rapid deployments regardless of size. Identify provides enhanced visibility across your entire information security environment by collecting and correlating data from the network, user domain, and operating system layers. Neutralize provides next-gen antivirus and EDR capabilities within an environment, instantly creating value by blocking exploit techniques and malware. With Counter, SpearTip’s Security Operations Center can immediately react to malicious activity on an endpoint and counter any adversary.

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