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Chris Swagler | December 1st, 2023


In a strategic move to enhance its cybersecurity offerings, Zurich Holding Company of America, a subsidiary of Switzerland-based Zurich Insurance Group, recently acquired SpearTip, a leading cyber counterintelligence firm. SpearTip specializes in proactively safeguarding clients against cyber threats, providing comprehensive services for both threat anticipation and response. This acquisition marks a significant expansion of Zurich Resilience Solutions’ (ZRS) cyber risk mitigation services, supporting the increasing demand for comprehensive cyber risk management solutions in today’s ever-evolving threat landscape.

Who Is Zurich North America?

Tom Fioretti, Head of Zurich Resilience Solutions for Zurich North America, emphasized the shared commitment of both ZRS and SpearTip to help businesses anticipate, prevent, and respond to cyber threats. He stated, “The acquisition of SpearTip represents a further step towards bringing powerful cybersecurity controls to our U.S. customers, helping strengthen their business operations.”

Zurich Resilience Solutions boasts an in-house team of Cyber Risk Management specialists who offer objective assessments of a company’s cybersecurity posture and tailor-made threat environment analysis. Their consultative approach aims to bolster overall cyber resilience. SpearTip, with over 18 years of experience, specializes in identifying cyber risks and vulnerabilities and offers services within three key areas:

  • Managed Detection and Response, Security Operations Center as a Service
  • Incident Response, including Digital Forensics
  • Advisory Services, including Penetration Testing

David Shluger, VP of Cyber Risk Services for ZRS, lauded SpearTip’s technical prowess, forged through years of collaboration. Integrating SpearTip’s capabilities with Zurich’s service excellence enhances Zurich Resilience Solutions’ Cyber Services Team, now offering customers a complete suite of solutions.

SpearTip, founded and staffed by U.S. military counterintelligence veterans, excels in detecting vulnerabilities within organizations’ systems. The combined services of Zurich and SpearTip empower clients by identifying cyber weaknesses and providing actionable plans and the necessary implementation tools. Some of these services include:

  • Ransomware Threat Assessment: A thorough network examination to detect malware and assess vulnerabilities that could lead to ransomware incidents.
  • Penetration Testing: Simulated attacks to gain insights and receive remediation guidance that can only be derived from real-world testing.
  • Pre-breach Assessment: A comprehensive evaluation of an organization’s cybersecurity controls to identify potential weak points.
  • Security Operations Center: SpearTip offers 24/7/365 monitoring of an organization’s network environment from a US-based Security Operations Center.

With this acquisition, Zurich Holding Company of America reinforces its commitment to providing robust cybersecurity solutions, ultimately strengthening its clients’ resilience against the ever-present cyber threats of today’s digital landscape. SpearTip’s expertise and experience further bolster Zurich’s capabilities, positioning it as a formidable force in the realm of cybersecurity. As businesses grapple with the challenges posed by cyber risks, Zurich’s expanded offerings promise enhanced protection and readiness in the face of evolving threats.


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