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Manchester Police

Chris Swagler | November 10th, 2023


In a recent alarming development, Greater Manchester Police (GMP) in the United Kingdom fell victim to a ransomware attack that compromised the personal information of its officers. The attack, which targeted a third-party supplier responsible for ID badges, has raised significant concerns about the security of supply chains and the potential risks posed to law enforcement personnel.

Manchester Police Department’s Data Exposed

The GMP revealed that the stolen data included the names and photographs of police officers, which the supplier stored for use on thousands of ID badges. While the GMP assured that no financial information or home addresses were exposed in the breach, the implications of this incident are far-reaching. The compromised data could be a goldmine for organized crime groups, especially those seeking to identify undercover officers.

Assistant Chief Constable of the Greater Manchester Police stated, “We are aware of a ransomware attack affecting a third-party supplier of various UK organizations, including the Greater Manchester Police, which holds some information on those employed by GMP.” This acknowledgment underscores the growing threat of supply chain attacks, where vulnerabilities in third-party providers can have severe consequences for the organizations they serve.

The National Crime Agency has been brought in to investigate the breach, highlighting the seriousness of the situation. With over 11,000 employees and a jurisdiction covering approximately 2.7 million people, the Greater Manchester Police is crucial in maintaining law and order. Any compromise of its officers’ data is a cause for grave concern.

The breach at Greater Manchester Police follows a series of similar incidents across the UK. Just a month earlier, the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) experienced a third-party breach that exposed the personally identifiable information, ranks, and locations of 10,000 police officers. Last year, these attacks reached record levels, affecting millions of individuals. The Greater Manchester Police’s experience underscores the urgency of addressing supply chain vulnerabilities and bolstering cybersecurity measures.

The Metropolitan Police Service in London also suffered a similar breach recently, exposing the names, photographs, and ranks of its 47,000 personnel. This incident has sparked outrage among law enforcement professionals, with the Metropolitan Police Federation, representing over 30,000 officers, expressing “incredible concern and anger.” Interestingly, it wasn’t until September 2023 that the third party involved in the Met incident, identified as ‘Digital ID,’ was named by The Sun. Digital ID confirmed the IT security incident but has not provided further details.

Security professionals emphasize the need for organizations to conduct thorough assessments of their cybersecurity posture, leaving no room for weaknesses. The Vice Chair of the Metropolitan Police Federation noted that “This is a staggering security breach,” and accountability must be upheld.

The exposure of sensitive information, such as the identities of undercover officers, not only jeopardizes criminal cases but also endangers officers’ lives. Hence, securing supply chains has never been more critical. The GMP incident is a stark reminder that an organization’s security is only as strong as its weakest link, making robust supply chain security an imperative in today’s digital age. One cybersecurity company noted the significance of securing supply chains: “An organization is only as secure as its weakest third-party network, and security protocols are only effective if all of their third-party providers are equally secure.” Samani highlighted the potential dangers of exposing sensitive information, such as the identities of undercover officers, which can jeopardize criminal cases and even endanger officers’ lives.

The ransomware attack on Greater Manchester Police highlights the pressing need for organizations, especially those in the public sector, to fortify their cybersecurity defenses and scrutinize their supply chain partners. The safety of law enforcement personnel and the integrity of their operations depend on it.

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