Chris Swagler | December 2nd, 2021

Defend Business Against Cybercimes

Cybercrime is a very lucrative form of business. It offers threat groups opportunities to generate millions in income using a variety of methods, including ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS). The chances of being caught are low, implying that the threat of serious consequences is an ineffective deterrent. As companies become more reliant on technology, vital services and components of everyday life are enabled and managed by increasingly vulnerable systems. Cybersecurity attacks and their damaging impacts are growing at an alarming rate. The current threat landscape leads to a crucial question for a company of any size: how do you defend your company against cyber threats?

Companies face numerous threats including malware, ransomware, viruses, opportunistic hacking, and social engineering from skilled and advanced cyber attackers. Regardless of the current state of a company’s network security, there are always solutions to build a strong defense against these threats or mitigate the potential damage.

1. Cybersecurity Assessments

Building a sufficient defense can sometimes be impossible if you don’t know where you currently stand. Regular cybersecurity assessments are essential to any strong security program because they reveal the strengths you can enhance and weaknesses you can remediate.

An assessment provides a clear indication of the security measures needed for improving the environment. This allows you to prioritize resources and avoid wasting time and money on ineffective efforts. An effective pre-breach assessment, like that offered by SpearTip, focuses on enhancing cyber maturity with a complete security architecture review, cyber threat hunting, and thorough gap analysis. Gap analysis can discover blind spots in the company that could lead to a significant compromise, while the other elements ensure the network is safe from current threats and able to protect against future intrusions.

2. 24/7 threat monitoring

Companies can implement 24/7 monitoring capabilities to stay vigilant and prevent attacks from causing damage. Some cybersecurity companies, including SpearTip, offer Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS), blocking threats from penetrating companies.

Security Operations Centers (SOCs) can provide additional support with trained certified engineers continuously monitoring every aspect of a company’s network system for potential threats. Having threat monitoring from a SOC2 Type 2 certified SOC helps companies eliminate alert fatigue, offers real-time response and remediation, and provides a fighting chance against nation-based threats and cybercriminals.

3. Incident Response Plan

The most comprehensive defense strategy anticipates protections and defensive capabilities you implement will not be 100% effective. If a company does experience a breach, having a well-developed incident response plan allows cyber security firms to respond quickly, reclaim your network, and restore operations so the company can run as it should.

A solid incident response plan includes the appropriate escalation procedure, ensuring the most equipped team members are immediately notified when an incident occurs. It guarantees that everyone understands the required procedures, outlines who’s responsible for which part of the response, and articulates how to properly communicate with organizational leadership, external stakeholders, and the public when necessary. For organizations without an active response plan, SpearTip offers a comprehensive suite of services to ensure the best positioning against threat actors.

4. External Cyber Intelligence

Utilizing cybersecurity assessments like gap analysis allows cyber intelligence firms to constantly look for blind spots that could lead to significant compromise. It’s essential for companies to implement capabilities to monitor their systems, networks, and environment for suspicious activities or intrusions. Additionally, it’s imperative to monitor external networks and landscapes that could impact you.

 Organizations can acquire information on potential attacks, criminal networks’ plans, and potential threat actor targets by utilizing methods such as cyber threat hunting. Additionally, they can identify information circulating around underground markets and forums. By partnering with a cyber counterintelligence organization able to acquire technical knowledge, organizations can develop an accurate defense strategy.

Having diligent and effective cybersecurity strategies can protect companies against experiencing cyber incidents. Companies can prevent cyberattacks by combining common sense with good practices like those mentioned above.

You can trust SpearTip’s ability to respond quickly, reclaim your network, and restore operations so your business can run as it should. Certified engineers at our global network of Security Operations Centers work in a continuous investigative cycle monitoring partner endpoints for potential threats. ShadowSpear Cyber Threat Hunting assesses your networks for unknown and malicious threats. ShadowSpear provides continuous threat detection during the engagement and will remediate any threats detected. SpearTip defends you.

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