Chris Swagler | May 6th, 2022

What is Data Mining?

The internet is essentially a giant storage unit containing approximately 74 zettabytes of data, with 1.145 trillion MB of additional data generated daily. Given this staggering amount of information, a sophisticated and automated data mining process is required in the event of a data breach. Data mining is an automated process of sorting through vast sets of data typically used to identify patterns or trends for marketing purposes.

In the event of a network breach, data mining is also used to detect irregularities or vulnerabilities within the system or to isolate duplicate or foreign information. The process of collecting and analyzing a data set is complex given the immense amount of information stored by any particular organization. Changes in technology, specifically improvements in artificial intelligence (AI), have allowed data mining to occur continuously and rapidly. Despite this, private and sensitive data is still frequently stolen and encrypted by threat actors.

The SpearTip Process

As part of SpearTip’s overall Rapid Response process, we seamlessly transition from Incident Response to data mining with the use of software-based AI-powered and engineer-driven data analysis. Our integrated process allows us to fulfill partner deadlines with confidence and accurate results during these critical data breaches. With our approach, we are quickly able to identify anomalies within large sets of data and eliminate duplicate or redundant information from your system while reducing false positives with extreme flexibility to ensure recovery of all original data.

At SpearTip our forensic experts get to work immediately to identify and secure your most valuable and sensitive data during a breach. We scan impacted systems to isolate the affected data and eradicate malware before assisting in the notification processes as required by any pertinent law or regulation. Our focused team hunts through your organization’s valuable data with industry-leading speed and precision while meeting ever-changing needs within the complex landscape of compliance. When you need a partner with integrity, experience, and expertise to protect your organization’s valuable data from threat actors, SpearTip defends you.