Chris Swagler | September 19th, 2022


Chris Swagler | September 19th, 2022


When MSPs are choosing a cybersecurity company that can provide all their cybersecurity needs, SpearTip is the ideal cybersecurity company and here’s why. In the past five years, 60% of companies have experienced a cyberattack that financially damaged their business. 52% of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are making cybersecurity their top priority for the next three years. 25% of business decision-makers indicated that offering “a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity solutions” is a vital capability for IT service providers. Even though cybersecurity opportunities are thriving for MSPs to fulfill their growing needs, there’s a fair amount of doubt and confusion to overcome. Over 40% of SMBs have difficulties understanding cybersecurity and knowing what solutions to apply and how. MSPs’ cybersecurity offerings need to be supported by professional experience, current security knowledge of the most recent trends, and a solid, unified platform to give their clients peace of mind. SpearTip’s cybersecurity solutions are designed to quickly respond and deliver outstanding client security outcomes. That’s why aligning with SpearTip makes sense when it comes to MSP cybersecurity. Here are some of the common cybersecurity challenges MSPs are facing.

Threat Landscape

The threat landscape is drastically changing. Attacks aren’t showing any signs of slowing down as state-sponsored cyberattacks and the Russian invasion of Ukraine continue to dominate news coverage of cybersecurity. MSPs need to be ready for the worst because they are prime targets for cyberattacks because a single MSP can provide services to thousands of users and devices. This means there is a lot of data that is accessible by a single organization. Threat actors prey on these types of arrangements.

Alert Fatigue

MSPs attempting to wade through the volume of data provided by security and threat detection tools on their own can be overwhelming. MSPs require assistance in the form of automation and intelligent events correlation. These become critical in removing manual, laborious processes resulting in data errors.

Cybersecurity Skills Gap

It’s generally known that there’s a huge demand for security experts, making it difficult for MSPs to hire and keep them on their teams. The difficulty is exacerbated by the fact that security is not a specialized field but rather a practice that spans numerous domains. Building a team that can effectively deliver knowledge across these areas can frequently prove challenging for MSPs because of network security, application security, and systems security.

SpearTip’s security operations center (SOC) is staffed by a team of security experts with certifications and experience across all security domain areas. Our US-based SOC defends MSPs’ environments through active monitoring 24x7x365. SpearTip’s security experts assist with their partners’ teams ensuring that they have access to the industry’s talented security professionals.

Communication and Monetization

MSPs may quickly focus on the higher costs as they consider extending security. An efficient security solution, however, offers a high-value service to MSPs’ clients and can open new sources of income for their companies. To unlock the opportunity, MSPs should consider explaining the risks to their clients to comprehend the need for additional services, which MSPs can monetize. When building effective security offerings for MSP clients, having the right tools and knowledge to explain risks and introduce new security offerings to their clients is important.

Tool Sprawl

MSPs frequently need to use numerous tools to provide effective security and have independent information tied together to understand the overall security picture. To manage, scale, and improve processes, including cybersecurity solutions, it’s important that MSPs obtain a centralized analysis view of their data. It becomes increasingly obvious that antivirus software and firewalls are not enough to protect MSPs, so they begin installing additional security layers. However, this increases MSPs’ overhead expenses and makes it difficult for MSPs to manage all the tools.

ShadowSpear Platform: Integrable Solution to MSPs’ Biggest Cybersecurity Challenges

With SpearTip, MSPs get security focused on identifying, neutralizing, and countering. Let’s break down why each component is important to MSPs’ overall security offering and how SpearTip can help.


With Identity, MSPs can ditch legacy SIEMs. The ShadowSpear Identify module offers advanced integration and data collection from SaaS, Cloud Resources, User and Endpoint sources. Identify provides turnkey access to an advanced data platform that collects, parses, normalizes, indexes, and analyzes technical data from across an IT environment. By combining user, network, endpoint, and cloud behavior within one data lake, Identify enables a unified and integrated approach to security, providing actionable insights and advanced analytics.


Neutralize offers advanced prevention technology that provides exceptional defense for Windows, Linux, and MacOS endpoints against advanced persistent threats, including ransomware. Neutralize provides exceptional defense against the most advanced attacks on endpoints throughout an environment. With pre-execution blocking techniques and advanced XDR visibility, Neutralize immediately prevents even the most intricate malware. SpearTip’s fusion cell provides insight into global trends as the platform automatically adapts to emerging zero-day threats. Neutralize integrates advanced indicators of compromise (IOCs) by combining proprietary human-based threat research and threat intelligence feeds to provide critical context to advanced threats.


Detection is only half the battle. Counter enables the real-time response to threats in order to outmaneuver adversaries attacking MSPs’ environments. The ShadowSpear Counter module enables the engagement of the adversary prior to the compromise by utilizing advanced remote response capabilities. Counter provides an advanced orchestration interface that allows you to automate specific integrations between your hosts and other relevant security systems, including vulnerability scanning software. With prebuilt response actions, SpearTip’s SOC combines data and workflows to automatically respond to an elevated attack inside the environment, reducing response times and speeding up investigations.

SpearTip’s Incident Response

For MSPs, who are increasingly becoming targets of threat actors, planning is the best form of prevention when it comes to cyberattacks. SpearTip is the trusted provider of breach coaches and carriers everywhere. SpearTip specializes in incident response capabilities and handling breaches with one of the fastest response times in the industry. Our onsite Security Operations Center is staffed 24×7, working in a continuous investigative cycle, ready to respond to events at a moment’s notice. Within minutes of engagement, SpearTip can respond to the breach and, in a matter of hours, reclaim the network. Then, we’ll deliver a comprehensive report and fully complete the incident in 30 days, on average, so you can quickly close your claims on time and on budget.

There’s no company better positioned than SpearTip to handle all MSPs’ cybersecurity needs. We are working to offer a complete range of solutions, services, and educational resources to assist MSPs in taking advantage of the cybersecurity market opportunity. By incorporating SpearTip’s pre-breach risk services into their current catalog, MSPs can upsell their security offerings. Our integrable cybersecurity solution allows MSPs to focus on their clients’ core IT objectives while providing industry-leading protection against malicious threats.

If your company is experiencing a breach, call our Security Operations Centers at 83.997.7327 to speak directly with an engineer.




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