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Olympus Investigating BlackMatter Attack on EMEA IT Systems
17 September 2021
An investigation is currently underway on a potential cybersecurity breach of a leading medical technology company, Olympus, that impacted some IT systems...
ragnar locker ransomware
Ragnar Locker Threatens Victims with New Extortion Tactic
09 September 2021
A ransomware group, Ragnar Locker, is threatening to publish data on their dark web leak site if victims attempt to contact the FBI, any law enforcement...
lockfile ransomware
LockFile Evades Security with Intermittent File Encryption
09 September 2021
Last month, a new ransomware strain called, LockFile, appeared using its own creative technique called “intermittent encryption” to bypass ransomware protection....
cybersecurity summit
White House Cybersecurity Summit: Insurance Raising the Bar
30 August 2021
At the White House cybersecurity summit, three major cyber insurance companies, Travelers, Coalition, and Resilience, major tech companies, and Biden administration...
onepercent group
FBI Issues Warning About OnePercent Ransomware Group
30 August 2021
The FBI’s cyber division issued a warning regarding a cyber-criminal group known as the “OnePercent Group” stating that they have been targeting U.S. companies...
Why UAE Organizations Should Monitor Business Email Compromise
23 August 2021
In a 2021 survey of over 1,400 CISOs conducted by Proofpoint, 70% of UAE CISOs believe human error is their organization’s biggest cybersecurity vulnerability....
hive ransomware
Memorial Health System Endures Hive Ransomware Attack
23 August 2021
Early Sunday morning, the Hive ransomware group attacked and encrypted the computer of the non-profit Memorial Health System, forcing employees to work...
us hospitals
48% of US Hospitals Disconnect Networks Due to Ransomware
23 August 2021
According to a new study conducted by Philips and CyberMDX, in the past six months, ransomware has caused nearly half (48%) of US hospitals to disconnect...
LockBit Ransomware Attacks Accenture Using Alleged Insider
23 August 2021
Accenture, a global IT consultancy company, was a recent target of an alleged ransomware cyberattack from the LockBit ransomware group. As one of the world’s...
egregor ransomware
Egregor Attack: The Importance of Accurate Incident Investigation
23 August 2021
According to BleepingComputer, Crytek, a game developing and publishing company, confirmed they had their network breached by an unknown ransomware group...
eCh0raix Targeting QNAP and Synology NAS devices
23 August 2021
According to BleepingComputer, eCh0raix, the recently discovered ransomware variant, is now encrypting both QNAP and Synology Network-Attached Storage...
LockBit Recruiting Insiders for Millions
23 August 2021
LockBit ransomware operators are looking to recruit insiders from corporate companies to assist them with breaches and encryption of data. For those who...
27 US Attorneys' Offices Breached in SolarWinds Attack
23 August 2021
The US Department of Justice revealed Microsoft Office 365 email accounts of employees of 27 US Attorneys’ offices were breached during the SolarWinds...
grief ransomware st. louis mo
DoppelPaymer Rebrands to Grief Threat Group
02 August 2021
Yet again, we’re seeing similarities between a defunct group and a new group. Following the Colonial Pipeline breach where most of the general public became...
black matter ransomware st. louis mo
New Ransomware Appears: BlackMatter & Haron
29 July 2021
These two ransomware variants are either new or old REvil & Darkside rebrands. Both are looking for high-profile targets to receive financial gain....
avoslocker ransomware 2
New ‘AvosLocker’ Ransomware Targets Ohio City
27 July 2021
Officials reported Monday that Geneva, a small city in Ohio, was the victim of a data breach involving a new type of ransomware called AvosLocker. The...
Cloud Platform
Operational Technology Vulnerabilities Discovered in Cloud Platforms
27 July 2021
Leading cloud-management platforms can be used to attack critical ICS vulnerabilities. The advantages of employing a cloud-based management platform to...
Kaseya Gets Universal Decryptor for REvil Victims
27 July 2021
Kaseya has received a universal decryptor that allows victims of the July 2nd REvil ransomware attack to recover files at no cost. Kaseya says they’ve...
Pulse Secure
CISA Warning: PulseSecure Device’s Malware Goes Undetected
27 July 2021
The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued a warning today that over a dozen malware variants were found on exploited Pulse...
Popular CVEs Among Threat Actors
27 July 2021
From an examination of cybercrime forums between January 2020 and March 2021, Cognyte found these CVEs vulnerabilities to be most shared among threat actors....
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