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Why Human Response Is a Cybersecurity Imperative
09 September 2022
If an organization were to build an optimized cybersecurity posture from scratch, its priority should be to retain an experienced, well-trained, and curious...
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Lacking A Ransomware Playbook Can Cost Companies Millions
08 September 2022
Ransomware is one type of cyberattack that has the power to drain the color from security leaders’ faces. Recovering from devastating, disruptive, and...
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Ransomware Operators Elevating Threat Tactics to Triple Extortion
06 September 2022
The LockBit ransomware group announced it made improvements on its defenses against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and looking to elevate...
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Go-Based Ransomware Targets Victims with Customized Attacks
03 September 2022
A new ransomware variant called “Agenda” has been discovered written in the Go programming language and customized to maximize impact against individual...
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A Growing Threat On the Cyber Landscape: Ransomware-as-a-Service
31 August 2022
Ransomware is a particularly difficult cyber threat to eradicate. It continues to evolve and the most recent versions are extremely dangerous for companies...
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LockBit Ransomware: A Global Cyberthreat
30 August 2022
In today’s digital world, it’s critical to remain updated on cybersecurity threats and how dangerous ransomware has become. Ransomware is a major cyber...
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Why Threat Actors Are Increasingly Targeting MSPs
30 August 2022
It’s becoming more important for managed service providers (MSPs) to maintain a robust security posture as more companies outsource their IT and data workloads....
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Data Exfiltration Is an Increasing Threat to Businesses
29 August 2022
Over the past few years, ransomware has been the primary threat that companies have had to defend against. Threat actors were profiting quickly by taking...
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Examining the Main Factors Behind Ransomware Attacks
24 August 2022
Ransomware attacks continue to rule the news headlines with groups, including Lapsus$ and Conti, constantly appearing in alarming stories. Cybersecurity...
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Prepare for the Long-Term Effects of Today's Cyber Threats
23 August 2022
Frequently cited cases of previous cyber intrusion are worth revisiting because they show how damaging attacks on sizable and strategically important systems,...
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BlackByte Ransomware Returns With New Extortion Tactics
22 August 2022
After disappearing for a while, the BlackByte ransomware group returned with a new data leak website and new extortion techniques they borrowed from LockBit....
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FBI Warns Zeppelin Ransomware Targeting Healthcare Industries
18 August 2022
As Capitol Hill leaders encourage the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to step up its efforts to defend hospitals and public health systems...
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Digital Dependencies Can Lead to Increasing Cyber Threats
17 August 2022
Technology is being increasingly used by governments, non-profits, and enterprise businesses to manage everything from public services to business processes...
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Be Brilliant with the Cybersecurity Basics
12 August 2022
Threat actors are relentless in their pursuit of your business-critical data and actively seek the path of least resistance to achieve their objectives....
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The Importance of Risk Assessments for MSPs and Their Clients
11 August 2022
Threats to cybersecurity come in all shapes and sizes. A seemingly innocent email from a trusted, reliable coworker can hide dangerous viruses and other...
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Threat Actors Use New Phishing Tactic Capable of Bypassing MFA
09 August 2022
Using a customized proxy-based phishing kit, a recent large-scale phishing operation is targeting credentials for Microsoft email services to bypass multi-factor...
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Businesses Are Often Unprepared to Defend Against Ransomware
08 August 2022
A recent study of forty CISOs revealed that companies are hesitant to directly combat ransomware in their computing systems, and unfortunately, are slower...
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Fewer Victims Paid Ransomware Groups in Q2 2022
03 August 2022
In Q2 2022, the battlegrounds between ransomware affiliates and cybersecurity providers have expanded. Ransomware groups such as Black Basta, BlackCat,...
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Adopting Cybersecurity Industry Standards Will Protect MSPs’ Clients
01 August 2022
Industry leaders and key stakeholders are urging companies to adopt established cybersecurity standards as Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are becoming...
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Cybersecurity Measures to Assist MSPs In Protecting Their Clients
28 July 2022
Improved internal security practices are necessary given the numerous cyberattacks targeting Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Fortunately, there are many...
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